Thursday, June 28, 2012

Love Mini Album

Hi Everyone!
Today I would like to share with you a mini album that I made for my bestie.
Every month we do a swap with each other and for the month of May, we decided to make each other a mini. We each gave the other a list of 5 themes that we would like to have a mini for and created a mini album from that list. We couldn't tell each other what theme we chose, that way it would be a surprise when we received it in the mail.

I was really intimidated cause I have never created a 6x6 chipboard mini album before. This was my first.
One of the themes that Kimberly had on her list was a love themed album for pictures and memories of her and her hubby.

This is what I created for her:

The cover:

Pages 1 and 2:
(Quote is on a flap that opens up for more pictures)

Pages 3 and 4:

Pages 5 and 6:

Pages 7 and 8:
(On the right hand side, once the bow is untied it reveals another little mini album)

Pages 9 and 10:

All the patterned papers came from the Love Me collection from My Mind's Eye.
If you have questions about anything else that I used, don't hesitate to ask. 

I hope she enjoys the mini album that I made for her. 
You can see the one she made for me on her blog post HERE.

I hope you all have a great crafty day! 


Kimberly Jensen said...

I LOVE IT!!!! I cannot tell you how much. I am going to fill it with lots of photos. Thank you so much for these albums you made for me full of your love and creativity. I am so glad we did this and I can't wait until we do it again!! :) Love you, Girlie :)

Creative M said...

This is so BEAUTIFUL!I cannot believe that this is your 1st album.I love it!!!

Bee Burg said...

This looks awesome Stacey! Can't believe it's your 1st one! So pretty! :-D

kisatrtle said...

Super clever

TeresaK said...

Wow Wow Wow! I wish I was your friend! I love your mini "love" album! What an amazing job you the details!

Anonymous said...

This is just gorgeous, Stacey! Your bestie will love it!

Arcy Scraps said...

Holy moly! This is INCREDIBLY BEAUTIFUL!!! Especially for being your first one!

Trendy Twine said...

Wow!! This is absolutely gorgeous. Love all the colors and embellishments you used. I know it knocked Kim's socks off :)

Lesley @ Trendy Twine

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